Trebron Management Inc. has working relationships with a wide range of organizations and individuals. Here are few more recent relationships:

Fertility Nutraceuticals

Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC

FNC, a nutritional supplement company specializing in fertility supplements, had an existing niche market of women in their 40s, which it wanted to expand. Trebron recommended, and later developed, a successful expansion program for the company in a still continuing relationship.


The Center for Human Reproduction (CHR)

CHR, a leading clinical and research center in reproductive endocrinology and infertility in New York City, has called upon Trebron for a variety of services for years.


Generation Medical Associates, PLLC (d.b.a. What’s My Fertility?)

A startup company in New York City that licensed an innovative, patented algorithm to screen for future fertility risk in young women, came to Trebron for business development. Trebron recommended and implemented a strategy including a three-pronged business model consisting of online sales, physician office sales, and a potential retail arm. Trebron also co-invested in the company.


OvaNova Laboratories, LLC

A startup in reproductive medicine and biology, founded by leaders of The Center for Human Reproduction and prominent basic scientists from The Rockefeller University pursuing therapeutic breakthroughs in female infertility, engaged Trebron for administrative support, consultation and web project management. Trebron also co-invests in the company with which it has an ongoing relationship.

Mezadata Medical IP Holding, LLC

A medical laboratory startup company in Philadelphia, PA, called upon Trebron’s expertise on commercializing a patent. Trebron helped Mezadata set up a multi-center clinical trial, and co-invested in the venture.

Glycotope, GmbH

A pharmaceutical company in Berlin, Germany, came to Trebron to develop a strategy on entry of some of their pharmaceutical products into the U.S. market.

U.S. Spine, LLC

Trebron serves as business consultant to this Utah-based start company, which is developing revolutionary spine support systems. We also co-invested in the company.

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