Delivering management solutions in medicine and biomedical sciences


Our Expertise

Trebron Management Inc. is a physician-led management consulting company with razor-sharp focus on medicine and biomedical sciences. Within these fields, we offer comprehensive consulting services, including:

Investment and financial analyses

Analyses, recommendations, risk assessments, and valuations from experts in the medical industry.

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Let us help with asset evaluations, recruiting, marketing, business plans, and more.

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Business management

Run your medical business or practice more efficiently and more profitably.

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Strategic business development

Got an idea? Our hands-on approach to consulting helps make startups successful.

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Trebron Difference

trebron difference

By deliberately concentrating on medical and biomedical sciences, we offer best-in-class expertise.

  • We are a physician-led organization.
  • Your project gets its own, highly specialized team.
  • We prefer incentive-driven engagements.
  • We will co-invest with you.

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Our Clients

Our clients include institutional investors, corporations, hospitals, medical practices, and individuals. Trebron has developed a special expertise in consultative and managerial support of healthcare start-up companies in particular.

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