Led by actively-practicing physicians and scientists, Trebron Management Inc. offers special expertise to physicians and basic scientists who wish to commercialize patents, concepts or other inventions relevant to medical and biomedical sciences. One of the major strengths of the company is our broad access to talent from outside the company through a large network of affiliated organizations, which allows us to quickly build a specific team to tackle challenging analytical and managerial issues.

Investment Advice

We offer expert opinions, specific analyses, and recommendations relating to new pharmaceutical and medical device developments, risk assessments, market evaluations, and valuations of assets for acquisitions, loan securities, new services, new products, disposal, and practice evaluations. Based on project characteristics we can quickly pull together a specialized team, including finance and banking experts, attorneys and experts from medical/biomedical specialty areas.


We offer a wide range of consulting services, including comprehensive company reviews, asset evaluations, advice on the sale or purchase of assets, strategic business planning, marketing and business development, as well as senior management recruitment. Our team for you may consist of seasoned experts in marketing, administrative management, clinical reengineering and talent acquisition.

Business Management Services

We offer business and medical practice management services, including managed care advice to insurance carriers and providers, cost-effectiveness studies and reengineering of clinical service models for industry, hospitals and medical practices. Depending on your project’s requirements, your team may consist of experts in billing, strategic development, human resources and financial management.

Strategic Business Development for Startups

Trebron’s nimble, hands-on approach to management consulting and our expertise in medical and biomedical sciences have resulted in many successful consulting relationships with startup companies in the health and wellness sector.

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